Sunday, November 27, 2016

early 2016

This winter was full of fun things.  

 Made an awesome key lime cheesecake

This is the Grapevine after it snowed one weekend. Hello El Nino! 

Adam's school had some sheep herding dogs  herd sheep

It was pretty fun to watch! 

Youth temple trip! 

We shared our ears 

Some carrots that Adam grew in the garden 

My cute little cub scout 

Adam buying a berry smoothie at Costco and me teaching him how to order.   

We love dogs!  Sam's friend got a new puppy so we HAD to stop by and play! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day 

A fun day at CALM 

silly faces 

Adam at school.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Years 2016

New Years Eve was spent at my parents house where we played games and ate yummy snacks.

Our yummy snacks 

Sam and Uncle Jason at midnight 

Happy 2016 

 Me and Peter

Me and my sweetheart 

My fam 

Here's to a fun 2016! 

me and my sister 

Sam's Christmas present was back ordered so he received it a week later.  He and Adam love it! 

Christmas 2015

Christmas morning.  I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was trying to "live in the moment" I don't like it.  I like my pictures...lesson learned!  

 Ready to open presents!

 Christmas dinner at my parents.  

My cute little nephew 

 We decided to watch Star Wars at the IMAX Christmas night.  Adam had fun posing with the cute movie props.  

 So good!  It was almost like Star Tours, almost!

My cute little elf!

Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve was spent around the house finishing up fun Christmas secrets and making our annual Christmas sugar cookies.  

sugar cookie fun!
That evening we went to look at Christmas lights and have or party at my parents house with snacks and the RED BOOK.  

While we were gone, the Pajama Elf made a visit to our house,  

Fun pajamas.  We  watched It's a Wonderful Life before the boys went to bed.   
Then Mark and I got busy finishing up wrapping and stuffing.

...And to all a good night!