Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Inside Cabo Wabo.

Cabo San Lucas!

Sailboats coming around Land's End.

getting back on the ship.

Thursday at lunch, this is what Mark ordered for his starter. It was a bunch of raw seafood with a squid on top. Yeck! He ate the tomato and the artichoke.

There is absolutely nothing better than doing nothing on a vacation. This is us doing nothing and having the time of our lives!

Our Halloween inspired desserts on Thursday. Mark's 'batman' cake.

My pumpkin cake ghost

On Thursday night the ship celebrated Halloween. The lounge and bar area decorated with lots of inflatable decorations.

Scary ghosts

Our last night on the ship. Mark and I, Resa and Heath, Megan and Darrin, and Cari and Ken.

Me with some awesome friends I met on our trip, Megan and Resa. This is us Friday morning on the ship waiting to disembark.

Friday morning, after we left our ship, Mark and I went to Sea World.

Me in front of a Baluga whale

One of the best things about the cruise is that we turned off our phones for the trip so we wouldn't be charged for international roaming charges. Anyone who knows Mark knows that his phone is pratically glued to his head, so him not on it for most of our vacation was great for me. But this is him at Sea World talking on his phone for an hour! It wasn't too bad though, I was able to look in the gift shops without him becoming impatient.

Me looking at a dart frog.

We had to see Shamu.

Me with my awesome tan!

I know this picture is blury and it doesn't do it justice, but on Halloween night we went to the Gaslamp District in San Diego for dinner. The streets were packed with people all dressed up in costumes clubbing, it was CRAZY!!!! I felt really old (not that that was my scene even when I was younger) Our friends and Mark and I had pizza and then walked a few blocks to Ghirardelli's and had ice cream. I think we were the only people without costumes!

At the reception on Saturday night in Carlsbad.

Our friends Ken and Cari cutting their cool wedding cake. I love the surfing couple as the cake topper!


CPA said...

So much fun!! WE loved hanging out with you guys! Great pictures! check us out dallycrew.blogspot.com
Megan and Darin

Ken and Cari said...

It was so much fun!! You are so good about getting pictures up so fast!! I am so glad you guys came!! I love you!!

Michael Laura Jonah Ryker said...

That looks like so much fun! you're hair is getting long! by-the-way your shirt you're wearing in the pics at the beach is so cute!!!

Darron said...

Super jealous! Sure looks like you had a great time!!!!