Thursday, December 4, 2008

random pictures from this fall

Sam's first season of soccer is over. He had fun, but next year he wants to try hockey. I don't know, Sam on ice skates with a stick and a puck, it sounds like trouble to me.
Peter's team won the regional championship and now they move on to area playoffs. I'm really happy for them, but I kind-of wish that soccer would be over by now. If they don't win area, I won't be too sad! If they win, I'll be really happy for them.
Peter's field trip to Murray Farms.

so cool!

Sammy looking for his pumkin, he finally found a big green one.

Peter's pumpkin

my little pumpkin with his little pumpkin!

yummy caramel apples. The boys helped me make them, they were so good and so messy!

Cool Star Wars helmets. This is what Sam wanted for his birthday...I don't get it, but he was thrilled!


Sam's Ninja Turtle party.

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