Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I went to check on my boys the other night and found both of them in Peter's bed asleep with their guns and swords. Most kids sleep with a blanket or stuffed animal, not my kids! The next day I asked them what they were doing before they went to sleep, and they said they were playing Star Wars and the bed was their star fighter and they had to get away from Bobba Fett and save Princess Leia.
It's fun watching my boys play because even though I was a MAJOR tom boy, I still was a princess inside who pretended she was locked in the tower only to be saved by the handsome prince! I really enjoy watching my boys be the heros and do the rescuing!


Herrington 4 said...

Ethan is all about sword fighting these days. I have yet to find him sleeping with a sword, but I'm sure that day will come soon...funny!

cyndi said...

I can promise you even if you had a girl in that mix of boys she so would have been in that bed too. When my kids play anything there's always a fairy or a princess fighter- I think it is hilarious how Cambryn adjusts her girliness to still play with the boys, although today she did paint braydens toe and finger nails and put red lipstick on his face to make him look like the joker(and no he hasn't seen the movie)