Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day 09

We had a wonderful Labor Day. Went to lunch, did some shopping, bowling, bike ridding, soccer, the park, and popsicles, what could be better? (besides a day a Disneyland) =) The boys playing in the playplace.
Yummy lunch, doesn't hurt that it was free!

Mark's strike

My happy boys!

Peter getting a strike!

Sam did really well. I think bowling on the Wii has helped!

Adam loved bowling! He would get so excited when he knocked a pin down.

Adam fell alseep on the way to the park.

Peter and Sam on the swings. They were seeing who could go the highest.


Enjoying some yummy fudgebars from the ice cream truck.

Peter getting ready to ride his bike.

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Melissa said...

I can't believe how big Adam is getting! It seemed like he was just a little baby when I left. They grow up so fast.