Sunday, November 1, 2009


October has been one Crazy busy month! With two birthdays, my son's school booster club meetings, loads of church responsibilities, never ending soccer games and practices, and Halloween, I finally have time to blog! So I'm starting with Halloween and then I'll work my way back through the month. We had soccer games Halloween morning and then in the afternoon we carved pumpkins.
Adam thought he is a big boy holding the pumpkin carving tool
The finished products

Peter carved a ghost, he did everything all by himself. I thought he did an excellent job!

This is Sam's pumpkin. He carved a spider with a little help from me, he too, did an excellent job!

I carved a bat for Adam. He wasn't really interested in the whole carving thing until I put a candle in it and put the lid on.

My puppy, Clone Trooper, and Indiana Jones.

Nana and the boys