Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Super Saturday

One of my Young Women is in the drum line at her high school. They had a breakfast fundraiser this Saturday, so we went and had a yummy breakfast and heard some great drums!

I had just took a BIG bite of pancake when Mark took this picture!

Naomi, I love her!

After breakfast, we went home did a few things (because New Beginnings is tomorrow night) and then dropped the boys off at my parents and went with some friends down to the temple.

After the temple, we went to Pinks hot dogs in West Hollywood. We waited in line for two hours, but the wait was SOOOO worth it!

Almost to the front of the line!

Mark and I got a Jalapeno dog with pastrami and bacon, and the chili cheese bacon dog
and onion rings. The food is so so so good! I have been thinking about the dogs for two days now. Thank goodness we are going back to L.A. in two weeks for a soccer expo. We may have to stop in Hollywood for lunch!

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