Thursday, April 22, 2010

Roadrunners Track Team Meet

When Peter joined the track team at school, I was very excited, I after all ran track when I was in school. His track coach put him in the 1500m which is just shy of a mile. They practiced for a week and then had their first meet. The meet was very unorganized and the kids were all unprepared, but Peter managed to come in first and therefore moving on to district! Mark and I didn't put any trust in his coach to prepare him so during spring break, we took him to CSUB to practice on their track. That's where we met the Roadrunners Track Club. We talked to the coaches there and signed Peter up! This was his first meet last Thursday. Warming up.

Peter running the 1500.

still running, he came in 3rd in this event.

This is Peter running the 100 yard dash.

And this is Peter winning the 100. This is the event that I ran so I was a proud momma!

They had a 50 for the 5 and 6 year olds, Sam was super excited to race too!

Runners take your mark...Get set...

Go! Sam beat the big kid and came in first!

My boys with their first place ribbons, and Adam's airplane

Adam wanted me to take a picture of him holding a ribbon too!

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