Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We needed a new tent and I wanted to get a big 8-10 person tent, but Mark was concerned that something that big would not be made very well, so with lots of research, he decided that REI makes some of the best tents ever. We decided to get two 6 person tents so the boys can have one and Mark and I can be in the other (not a bad idea if you ask me) Mark found two that he really likes and he found out that REI is having a used gear sale so we drove over to Arcadia at like 5 in the morning to get in line. Used gear sales are really popular with people lining up hours before it opens. We got there at 7 and were really close to the beginning of the line. It opened at 10 so we had a few hours to wait. I decided to take the boys and get some breakfast while Mark waits in line. I type in McDonald's into the iPhone and it shows lots, but I needed to get back onto the freeway. I decided to explore Arcadia and just see what there is to see. Arcadia is a beautiful town! Lots of big old homes and cute little shops, I would love to live here! I eventually found Albertsons to get doughnuts and fruit. While in line to check out, the cashier said that the fire dept. is having their pancake breakfast this morning and she has four tickets left. I take them and them head over to the fire station. This place is huge! They had a health fair, bounce houses, face painting, breakfast, tour through the fire trucks, it was pretty cool!
The boys got balloons

Then we waited in line for breakfast.

breakfast was good, pancakes and sausage!

Peter and Sam in the bounce house.

lots of people!

This was such a neat surprise!
We then headed back to REI where we found the exact tents on SALE that we wanted! We got a screamin' deal and found a few other things as well.
We then headed over to Santa Monica because our ward is having our ward temple day/primary activity day today. We meet everyone and Mark and I and our friends decide to stay and help watch the primary kids because we both have parents who can watch our kids when we go to the temple. This decision was a great one. I really enjoy walking on the temple grounds with my children. The primary presidency made a scavenger hunt for the kids and I was in charge of the "boys group"

The "boys group"

Adam and Christopher

playing in the fountain

baby ducks swimming in the reflecting pool

primary kids learning about the temple




Having fun on Temple grounds

cute boys

After the temple we with our peeps, went to Eagle Rock to eat at a place called the Oinkster. We heard about this place on Triple D.

This is the pulled pork, not that great...

This however, was THE BEST Burger I have ever had!!!! Mark and I shared this and the pulled pork, next time, we will each be getting our own burgers!

After all that meat, we had a sweet tooth so we stopped at Krispy Kreme!

When we got home, we went straight to CSUB to participate in Relay for Life. Our
time to walk was 3-5 AM Adam and Sam fell asleep and stayed asleep but Peter walked with us! We got home around 8 Sunday morning and then went to bed! I had been awake for a long time!

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Wow, you have been busy. I really enjoyed seeing this post and all the many adventures your family had!!!