Wednesday, March 30, 2011

State Cup semi finals

Peter's soccer team has done an amazing job in the State Cup tournament this year. After their second season in a row of not winning a single game, these guys with a huge help from their new coach, somehow managed to win every game in the tournament allowing them to go to the semi finals! The Gunners

The fort I made for Sam and Adam

Peter winning the ball

another great play

the pretty mountains

half time pep talk

Peter is a great defender


Daddy giving Peter a congratulatory hug after their win.

lots of hugs and smiles!

congratulating the other team

Go Gunners!

They won this game in a shootout. It was pretty intense. The team they beat haven't lost a game their whole season. Our boys deserve this win so much, it's hard as a parent to see your kid lose game, after game, after game, year after year. And to see them lose interest in playing, but still not give up- to see them win this was so rewarding and made all those early Saturday games and all that driving to practices worth it!

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