Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Riley's Farm

Peter has been studying the American Revolution in school this year so the big field trip was to Riley's Farm. I had never heard of this place. It's about an hour and a half East of Pasadena. I love American history so this was a great discovery! When we get there, they divide the kids into groups and then they tour around with different stops teaching them about the revolution.
While learning how to make bread, they also learned that certain colonists were planning a Freedom Act.
Peter signing the Freedom Act

Next they learned about manners, this lady was so funny! She would take a big bite of bread and then talk with her mouth full spitting crumbs at everyone.

The boys learning how to speak to a lady

Next they learned about the Stamp Act
And how to march like solider

Peter loved this part, their muskets were big sticks, but they pretended to load and fire!
Then they had to write letters home using a real quill and ink

After that they got to play some games that children played back then.

They did a mock trial showing how unfair a lot of the rulings were then. Peter was a witness, but at then end everyone was charged with piracy and thrown in jail!

During lunchtime, they handed out rations consisting of an apple, a piece of jerky, and lemonade. Then we had real lunch.

After lunch was the mock battle. Unfortunately, Peter's group was British and they ended up getting shot!

Hold your line!

Shoulder your weapons!


At then end they talked about the freedoms we have now and why we have them and why America is such a special place to live.

It was a great day and I can't wait to go back!

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