Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day two, Saturday. This morning we get to the track by 8:00 and set up our site. We were here for 8 1/2 hours today and it was super hot. The boys ran the 200 and 400 today with the 400 being in the morning and the 200 being the second to last event, it made for a very long, hot, tiring day.
Everyone had umbrella and tents set up to escape the sun. It was really hard to the snow in the mountains and be so hot!

Waiting for the next event.

Peter finishing the 400

Our camp site.

Sam running the 200.

After the meet, we went back to the hotel to shower and then have dinner. Then we went to a store that I have never heard of before called Scheels. The boys received free backpacks when they checked in for the meet and in them were free passes for the Ferris Wheel at Scheels. This place is HUGE!

Adam did NOT want to ride the Ferris Wheel!

A little scared.

He finally decided to try to hide under a clothes rack.
Peter wanted to ride by himself.

Sam and I decided to be a little silly...

We looked around some more and found a play place in the kids clothing section.

Then the boys found the guns...

All along the second floor, they had audio animatronics of the U.S. presidents.

They also had a huge soccer section.

This plane was in the fishing section.

The big mountain complete with a waterfall.

This is the only ride Adam enjoyed, the escalators.

The really cool fish tank.

when we left Scheels, we saw this small fire on the mountain. the fire department put it out really fast.

We then stopped at McD's for ice cream and to let the kids play on this huge play ground.

Once back in the hotel, the boys crashed!

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