Thursday, September 29, 2011

NOLA Day six

Thursday morning we went to ride the Steamboat Natchez. It doesn't leave until 11:00am so we got to sleep in a bit leaving around 9:30. We parked at our usual spot and walked through the French Market again. This place is just so interesting! I found a shirt I liked the first day we got here and every day I kept looking at it. Today I finally decided to buy it and I'm glad I did, I love it! I ran back to put it in the car (along with some other things we bought) while everyone else continued on. I caught up with them at the end of the market and we continued on to the Natchez dock.

Us on board. The pilot pointed out lots of interesting things along our ride.

I grew up loving Mark Twain and the whole Mississippi lore, add the Disney side to all that and I've built up something very nostalgic in my head. Luckily it didn't disappoint! I love this picture! I don't know if this was destroyed in the hurricane or if its just really old, but I love it.

A very cool house and location!

The sugar plant that supplies the east coast with sugar. They were making brown sugar today and the air smelled like chocolate chip cookies!

pushing a barge up the Mississippi

This is the site of the Battle of New Orleans. Seeing this, we decided to go visit it tomorrow.

Having fun on the boat

The boys were memorized by the huge paddle especially when we turned around in the river.

another neat house, I don't think I would want to live there though. That levee does not look high enough!

In the gift shop all Adam wanted was a ring pop!

Don't know what this building is, but I like the message!

downtown New Orleans.

The ferryboat we rode on Monday.

This reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Crescent City Bridge and the Riverwalk Mall

This is where they store the Mardi Gras floats

Dad told the boys that if you spit in the Mississippi River, you will someday return. Here is Sam spitting in the river. (yes I spit too!)

After our trip down the mighty Missisip, this guy was out on the moonwalk. He was really good! (and I didn't realized the statue was in the background until later!)

We walked to the Riverwalk mall for lunch. In the food court the boys were very happy to find Panda Express!

I got a shrimp po boy, and I was so Delicious!!!

After lunch, we walked back through the mall. the kids found some pressed penny machines next to a claw machine. while i was looking for pennies and quarters, Adam started to play with the claw machine. I guess someone left some money in there because Adam got the claw to move and he won a prize!

That pink rhino thing is what he won. He named it Baby Buzz Poo, really!

While standing here, someone asked me for directions and I knew my way around so well I was able to give them really good directions!

My parents are celebrating their anniversary tonight so we then headed back to the camper for them to pack and bag and leave and for the guys and I to just rest for the evening. I talked to Mark for about an hour while they watched T.V. then we went to bed.

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