Friday, October 7, 2011

NOLA-San Antonio day 10

Today we are going to the Alamo! I've always wanted to see it and am so happy that I finally have the chance.

These flags are so big!

The inside of the Alamo. We are not allowed to take pictures inside, but my mom did anyway.

The US with the three links was just discovered. They are still trying to find out what the links mean. It's way up high above the front door.

Here we are!

The US and the three links are located by this window, on the inside of course.

The grounds are so beautiful!

Something that I learned is that the actual battle didn't happened in the Alamo. It happened in the barracks. The picture below is were most of the fighting happened. It was very bloody with most men fighting one on one with knifes.

Inside the barracks looking out. We watched a short film about the battle of the Alamo inside the room where the fighting took place.

More pics of the barracks

Adam was fascinated with the cactus.

After the Alamo, the car needed new tires so we went to Costco. while waiting, we had lunch and shopped. Then we went to the Riverwalk.

The boys thought this plant looked like the Kraken from Pirates.

Too funny!

The Riverwalk was lots of fun. We walked, shopped, and ate. What's not to like?

Mom LOVES chocolate!

Tomorrow we are going to Schlitterbahn water park!!!!!

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