Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bakersfield Amazing Race

Mark and I were able to run in this years Bakersfield Amazing Race that my wonderfully talented friend put together.  We had so much fun, someday I want to do the real one!   

This is the after the race group shot.

us with our medals

Our team shot before the race

Finding the first clue, that's me going over the fence

Get set, GO!

This was our second task.  We had a picture of an object that we had to find in this HUGE antiques store.  I think we went almost two hours here looking for our tiny bottle!  It was really frustrating!      

This was our first task.  We had to run up this hill and find 5 shark teeth buried in marked off sections.  We found ours pretty fast.

for our next task we had to play disc golf.  One person was blindfolded.  that person was the only one who could touch the Frisbee.  So when Mark threw it, I had to lead him where it landed.

This is me directing him where the basket is.

Us waiting for our turn.  This task was really fun too and we completed it pretty quickly.

for our last task Mark jumped into a swimming pool and retrieved these different sizes of washers.  I then had to move the washers from the first peg to the middle peg and then to the last peg in order of size and only using one hand.  It was really fun and we figured it out in about 30 minutes.  

The group shot before the race

Waiting to start.

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