Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Labor Day in San Diego 2012

It seems like lately our vacations always are centered around soccer tournaments or track meets.  Labor day Mark had a soccer tournament in San Diego so we were super excited to go!  

The tournament was held at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.  This place was really fun to explore!


 a fun picture of Adam

 and of Sam

After the first games on Saturday, the boys wanted to see the Mexican boarder.  
They were really shocked to see it was just a fence.   

We then went to the beach were they had the annual sand sculpting contest.  they were pretty amazing! 

Day two we were a little tired and it was so hot so while Mark coached, the boys and I went inside the visitors center and took a nap on some couches there.  they also had clips of different Olympic  games that was pretty cool to watch and it was nice and air conditioned.  

These are out of order but we went took our dear friend Liz out to Benihana's for dinner one night.  

 The pretty ring she gave me

 Lunch break

 Mark coaching

We went o Old Town and ate at Coyote Cafe.

How did Mark's team do at the tournament?

They WON!!!!!!!

 The drive up to the training center

 more coaching

We visited the temple where we were married.

This is out of order but this is at Dave and Busters.  the Ballards treated us to lunch here, we had a blast!

more Dave and Busters.  while here, Mark and I both hit the 1,000 ticket marker on the spinning wheel thing!  the boys got some good prizes!  

Extraordinary Desserts?  

You Betcha!

Almost too pretty to eat...almost

 Just some more that got out of order, but are still cute!
We had a great trip.

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