Friday, May 17, 2013

Walla Walla Washington

This post is going to have tons of pictures! 
Monday morning after spring break, I get a call from my mom saying that Nana is having a hard time breathing and that I should come to see her right away. My mom and sisters were there for about an hour and where able to say goodbye before Nana passed away.  Her funeral was held in Walla Walla Washington where my mom grew up and where Nana lived until her husband died and she moved down to Bakersfield.  My  sister and I with our kids  followed my parents and brother up to Washington.  We left early Thursday morning and drove straight through to Walla Walla.  that's a 22 hour trip!  and yes, I drove the whole way!  

 Thursday morning leaving town.  Can you tell they are cousins?

 Lunch break, Pizza is yummy!

This is driving through Shasta.  It rained for almost our entire trip up.  I LOVED it! 

 This area is called Grass Lake.  Christa and I were commenting on how it looks like a lake, when Sam said that's impossible, it's not really called Grass Lake...  

 We had to stop and take a picture to prove that mom isn't  crazy!

 My cool boys!

 me and my kids

 me and my sister...and our kids

 I think this is in Redding.  I really like this cool old building

Another food break 

This is in Oregon.  So pretty 

More rain! 

This is in Walla Walla the next day.  the white house in the middle is where my mom and Nana lived. 

We went to Fort Walla Walla to let the boys run around. 

I love this town! 

 Nana's funeral was on Monday.  It  really was a nice and special service. 

This is my mom and her cousin Brian. 

My mom and her friend since elementary school  

More family that we haven't seen in years.  It was nice to visit with everyone. 

Aunt Beverly, Aunt Jani, Uncle Gary, mom, and Aunt Barbara.   

the kids were so cute at the funeral home.  They decided to play office.  My little executive is so cute!  

Peter is a great big brother! 

Nana's husband 

After the funeral we went Pioneer park  to let the kids run around.

When I was a little girl, Nana and Papa Cy lived here.  Then when I was in high school, my Papa and his wife Claire lived here.  Now my Aunt Barbara lives here.   

We left early Thursday morning at 4;00 AM  and drove until we got to Multnomah Falls.  We stopped where the boys and I hiked to the top of the falls.

Us at the top of the falls! 

These pictures are at Pioneer Park I'm not sure how they got out of order... 

I want this house! 

Monday after the funeral, we also went to a place called Klickers.  they have really yummy ice cream! 

I had to buy some Walla Walla Sweet Onions to take back home! 

On the way back home, this is Mt. Hood. 

We finally arrived home early Friday morning at like 5:00AM.  It was a crazy fast trip, but so worth it.

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