Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am so OLD!!!

Mark has a friend who plays on an indoor soccer team. For the past few weeks, Marks has gone to play with them and for the past few weeks they have been bugging me to play also because they need more girl players. I have not played soccer since high school, which was 13 years ago, so I really didn't want to play and look stupid. Then Mark said that we haven't done anything together like this since we had Peter and that this would be fun. (yah, right) So Saturday night we go and I watch the first quarter. Okay I'm thinking, it doen't look too bad. I go in at the second quarter and Oh MY GOSH! Indoor soccer and field soccer is SO different! I was way out of my element and sadly, WAY out of shape! This morning I woke up to get ready for church and I could not move my legs they hurt so much. I also realized that since I have become a mom, I am a lot less agressive than I use to be. Someone comes up to take the ball from me, now I'm like, "oh, you want the ball, here you go"
So now I'm going to take my old 31 year old body and soak in my Jacuzzi tub and relive the glory days of my youth.

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Laura said...

I hope you get your icecream!! don't feel bad you're not the only one out of shape I was sore the day after playing dodgeball with nylons filled with flour, can you say wussy?