Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mark has been in San Diego all week for work and is coming home today!!! I can not wait! The kids and I did fine with him gone, but by Friday, I was so tired! I never realized how much I depend on Mark and look forward to when we comes home for the day. He's been gone for the week before, but it's always been during the summer when I didn't have to worry about getting the kids to school on time, or scouts, or homework, and strict bedtime routines. Let me say that I won't complain so much when he goes to Scout Camp this summer! I have a new respect for all the single mothers out there. I can not imagine taking care of the house and kids, AND being the bread winner. So I'd to tell my husband how much I love and appreciate him for all that he is and all that he does, love you!

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Team Handy said...

I love you Wendy!!! You are such a wonderful wife. You're creative, fun, supportive, and loving. You work hard, and you have a good heart! Thanks for sticking with me for ten whole years.