Monday, November 8, 2010

Our summer...finally

With my computer being broken, I haven't been able to update all summer. So finally I have posted some pictures of our summer this year and of what we did. Here is our summer at a glance! I just now realized that I put these in the wrong order, so lets start with September. We went to the Great Kern County Fair. Once with Adam and friends for playgroup and then again with all my boys and some peeps.
This makes me laugh!

The boys watching the turkey races.

Adam, Ryker, Evva, and Christopher watching the circus.

cute cousins

Adam and Christopher LOVED the cows!

Adam riding a tractor

They were obsessed with these chairs!

Peter's first school project. He had to make a cell and decided to make it out of candy.

My friend K, invited me with her and her friend to the children's museum.
Adam and Nathan playing around

cooking lunch.

The train was a hit!

My cute boy!

The kids first day of school. Peter is in 5th grade and Sam is in 2nd.
all three boys were really sick the day before school, I wasn't sure if they would even make it to school on Monday. They recovered just in time , but I got sick Sunday night and Monday. I'm glad that Mark was able to help out and get the kids to school!

Mark's new bike
Sam couldn't wait to ride!

We went to a friend's birthday party at pump it up.

The boys had a great time.

We came home from church and five minutes later, this is where I found Adam!

Girls Camp was fun this year.

Our camp site.

All of us!

First years!

Pretty clouds early in the day = rain that night =)

Storm clouds

Big Meadow.

Thunder is rumbling...

kinda blurry, but still pretty

I love Big Meadow.

Boys+guns+water= fun!

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