Monday, November 1, 2010

Our very fun Halloween weekend!

Holy Moly, life is just speeding by! It seems like by the time I finish posting one event, another 10 happen! At this rate, I'll never catch up! Here's Halloween. I'll try to post other stuff later.
We had a very busy, very fun Halloween this year. Our ward had it's trunk or treat on Friday, Mark and I had an adults only party on Saturday, and the trick or treating on Sunday.
Adam at playgroup last Thursday, we frosted Halloween cookies.

Friday before trunk or treat. Peter wanted to be a phantom, Sam is Mario, and Adam wanted to be Batman at the last minute so I made his costume that day.

The trunk or treat was really fun, but really hectic. We combined it our annual chili cook off and the two together was too much I thought. I felt like I couldn't really enjoy the evening, but my kids had a blast.

Saturday Mark and I went to our friends' birthday/Halloween party. We went as Gangsters and had so much fun!

Sunday after church we carved pumpkins.

and then went trick or treating with our peeps.

The boys after trick or treating. This is the best part of the whole night, going through the loot!

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