Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Peter had a soccer tournament down in Anaheim Hills a few weeks ago so after his tournament, we took Monday off and headed to Disneyland.

The morning was chilly as we were waiting for the tram, but it soon warmed up and we had perfect weather!

The park closed at 6pm that night so we only had 10 hours! In that 10 hours, we went on 22 attractions, ate lunch, and watched the fireworks! For five of us, that was quite an accomplishment! Our first ride of the day was Peter Pan. This is Adam's first time at Disneyland that he remembers. He was in awe.

We then saw the line for Dumbo was nonexistent so we jumped on.

The boys in line for Nemo

love the monorail

Adam's first experience with Buzz. This was his favorite ride, he rode it three times that day!

Getting ready to blast Zurg!

Peter and Sam

On the Matterhorn. Mark and I thought Adam would freak out on this, but he loved it!

Here we go!

The teacups. This is the ride that scared Adam the most! Mark and I can really get this thing going!

Adam was really excited to drive the car all by himself!

Mark and Sam

On the train.

In line for the Haunted Mansion.

eating Jelly Bellys

Eating here is a tradition that my parents started when I was little. I love sitting by the water watching the canoes, and the Mark Twain go by and feeding the ducks.

Tom Saywers Island is a family favorite!

Playing on the suspension bridge.

The bone cage from the Pirates movies.

Pirate treasure.

On Slash Mountain. While Peter, Sam, and I were on Splash, Mark took Adam to ride Winnie the Pooh, then Mark took the older boys on Splash while I took Adam on Pooh.

The Jungle Cruise

Enjoying the corney jokes.

What does it mean when the river guide is ducking?

He just saw the hippos.

While Mark and Sam rode Indiana Jones, Peter, Adam, and I went on Tarzan's treehouse. then we switched.

Peter on Space.

Sam and me. Sam is behind the guy in the blue wife beater. This ride makes me smile!

It's snowing!

Adam trying to catch the snow.

Disneyland was not crowded during the day, but I guess everyone came to watch the fireworks. Main Street was packed!

Sam and Adam at the Partners Statue after the fireworks.

Sam and Mommy

With the castle in the background.

After the park closed, we did some shopping and then ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.

Silly Adam

Three very happy boys

Good bye tram, I love it that the boys think this is a ride.

The Mickey and Friends parking structure.

The End.

We had an amazing day, but then then again, we were at Disneyland, how could you not?

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