Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas time fun

We had a very busy December! Here are some of the things we did.
I went with Peter's class to watch the Nutcracker. It was really fun because I had a really good friend who's daughter was in it. Also one of Peter's classmates was in it too.

My really talented friend Kathryn helped host a breakfast with Santa. Everything was super cute from the invites to the cute picture frame gifts. At our ward Christmas party, Adam was terrified of Santa, but here, he liked him! Who's here?

Adam giving Santa a little wave

Letting Santa sit next to him was a HUGE step for Adam.

AND...he actually sat on his lap and smiled for the camera! Later he told me that Santa's not scary =)

This is at our ward party a few days before the breakfast, notice Adam is missing. He was screaming bloody murder because I tried to have him sit with his brothers for a picture.

On Dec. 10th, Peter and his school band played some Christmas songs at CALM. So we went and then stayed and enjoyed the Holiday Lights.

We rode a little train and saw lots of big light displays.

Peter and Sam were lucky enough to ride behind the engine. They thought that was so cool!

Here comes the train

We had to take a picture of the soccer display!

Peter's performance

The kids with Santa




Sam's school's Christmas, I mean Winter break assembly. His class sang Rodolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Adam at our playgroup Christmas party

He was really excited about his new toy!

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