Saturday, December 27, 2014

Peepsgiving in SLC! 2014

We were so excited to spend Thanksgiving up in Salt Lake City with our friends the Gilberts!  It was so awesome spend time with them and talk, laugh, see the sights, and just chill!
We left Bako around 4:00 Wed afternoon fully expecting to hit crazy traffic between home and Vegas, but were very surprised that there was none and and clear roads they whole way up. 


We arrived at the Gilberts very early Thursday morning.  we went to sleep for a few hours then enjoyed cooking and eating our Thanksgiving feast.  This is how we felt after we ate!

The boys had fun playing outside while the adults cooked and visited.

After dinner (and a nap)  we headed out to watch Big Hero 6.  it was a great movie!  after the show, we did some Black Friday shopping.

Friday we headed down to Provo to show the boys where we used to live and went to college.   

Someday my boys will run here!

The kids had never ridden i the back of a pick up...they thought it was lots of fun!

fun times!

We also saw the MTC and the Provo Temple

Later we went to Scheels.

Saturday we explored SLC.  Jaren knows a lot of cool spots around here like this cemetery that has deer in it.  I thought it very cool.

We visited the conference center...


and temple square

and saw the lights

earlier that day we went to this is the place park

and the U of U

and paid respects to President Hinckley and President McKay

A neat view of the capital building

and the temple

Kathryn took these awesome pics of us, she is so amazing!

I can't wait to see my peeps again!

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