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Day two at Disneyland, Christmas Eve 2013

Day two at Disneyland was just as fun as day one!  We really liked being here on Christmas Eve and it wasn't very busy at all.  We had Early Magic Hour this morning where we got to into Disneyland an hour early so we entered the gates at 7:00!  We decided to do some Fantasyland rides since these lines can get really long during the day.  Peter Pan was already a 30 minute wait so we decided not to ride that, instead we went on Snow White where I showed the people in line behind us the Golden Apple trick.  We then took some pictures and decided to head over to DCA to be there at opening so we can get fastpasses for Cars and get our tickets for the World of Color show.    

My cute boys

Once in DCA, we followed the CM's and the rope towards Radiator Springs Racers while Mark broke off to get the tickets and fastpasses.  The plan was to met up in the line for the Racers, but when the boys and I continued to follow the crowd, we walked right on the ride! We were the second people to ride it that day!  What a fun ride!   

The boys after a fun ride 

After our ride we decided to meet up with Mark at Paradise Pier.  While waiting Adam decided that he wanted Mickey Ears!   

We finally got back together to ride Midway Mania.  This was super fun and something that I hadn't been on yet.

The boys in line for Midway Mania 

The boys wanted to go on Micky's Fun Wheel so we headed there next.  Last year in Irvine we went to the Spectrum Center where Peter, Sam, and I rode on the Ferris Wheel, but Adam was too scared to go on it.  Today he said he would ride with all of us so we went on the swinging ones =).  He loved it, just like I knew he would! 

The boys in line for the fun wheel

We were getting hungry by now so we headed over to Buena Vista Street and had breakfast at Fiddle, Fifer, &Practical Cafe.  We had Cinnamon rolls, and yummy breakfast sandwiches then it was time to ride Radiator Racers again! 

 The whole family on Cars.

We continued exploring Cars Land by riding Luigi's Flying tires.  

I think this was the longest line we were in all trip!  We waited about 20 minutes, but it was a really fun ride. 

Can you find the hummingbird? 

After the Flying Tires, we met up with the Ballards at the Animation building.  While waiting for Turtle Talk to start, we went to Beast's library to see what Disney character we are most like.  I got Sally from Cars, Peter and Sam both were Simba, Adam was Peter Pan, and Mark was Buzz Lightyear .  After the library, it was time to see Turtle Talk.  This show lets you talk to Crush from Finding Nemo.  Crush talked to Mark about surfing and gave him his ocean name, Mark the Shark.  Sam also was chosen to talk to Crush and his ocean name is scuba Sam.  It was a fun show, but I was getting a very bad headache.  I took some aspirin during the show, but it was not going away.  After the show, the boys wanted to go on Grizzly River Run because it was really warm and the Ballards went shopping.  I don't like river rapid rides so while the guys rode, I got Adam's named embroidered on his hat and then I got a really big Coke and sat down in the shade.  Luckily my headache went away after that!   

My guys on Grizzly River Run

After that we crossed the esplanade and back into Disneyland.  While Mark, Peter, and Sam went to the lockers to put our sweatshirts away, Adam and I saw Pluto!  

I love this picture!

We then met up with the Ballards and rode the train from Main Street to New Orleans Square and  headed over to Hungry Bear for lunch.  Its a tradition to eat here every time we come to Disneyland that my parents started when I was little.  The kids love feeding the ducks and watching the boats go by.  After lunch, Mark went with Ballards while I took the boys over to Tom Sawyer's Island.

We had so much fun exploring the caves and trails and running across the bridges, this makes me feel like a kid again!   

We met Mark at the hub and went to ride The Matterhorn.  The Ballards did some more shopping.  

In line for the Matterhorn

Autotopia was our next ride.  Sam was super excited because he's finally tall enough to have a car to himself!   

the pretty sunset while in line 


Peter and Sam after driving their own cars.

We then headed back over to DCA to ride Tower of Terror,

(lucky number 13) 

and Screamin! 


After Screamin, we met back up with the Ballards to ride Soarin again and then went to watch World of Color.  We got Clam Chowder bread bowls and churros for dinner to eat while waiting for the show to start and Sam and Adam HAD to have flashing Mickey swords!   World of Color was a great show!

A sword and a churro, this kid is set! 

After the show we said goodnight to the Ballards and  we went to ride the Zephyr and the Silly Symphony Swings.  then we headed BACK over to Disneyland to ride Star Tours again and the for our last ride of the day we went to Find Nemo on the Submarine Voyage.  Adam has been asking all day yesterday and today to ride so we finally did!

Happy boy! 

The pretty castle 

A very fun day! 

Since its Christmas Eve, the Pajama Elf found the boys!

New Jammies! 

We also hung up the boys' stockings 

and our Santa Key so Santa can get in without a fireplace. 

Merry Christmas!

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