Saturday, September 27, 2014

Iowa trip day 13 Wed. Aug. 6th 2014

Today is our last day in the Black Hills.  The boys spent the morning playing some miniature golf before we headed out for the day.  The campground had this cute little course and for $1.00, you can buy a golf ball and play as often as you like.  

After the boys played some golf, we headed to Hill City to the 1800 Train museum.  Jason and Peter especially love trains so this was really fun for them.

Sam and Adam found a friend.

The inside of the museum was on the small side, but we stayed for almost two hours while the boys played and watched the model train set.  Luckily, there were really comfortable seats and had great Internet connection so I spent a lot of my time getting some things done on my phone.

Cute Sam

They spent so much time watching this!

Sam found this telegraph station where you could tap out Morse Code.  there was a code sheet so Sam learned how to do his name.


Something tells me I gave away their train table too soon!

After the train museum, we headed back to Mount Rushmore one more time.  This really is an incredible place

After our last visit at Mount Rushmore, we headed back to Keystone.

More rain!

Once in Keystone, we got some pizza at Jane's pizza and ate on the covered balcony listening to the rain.

Two days ago when we first stopped in Keystone, Sam found this stuffed raccoon.  I didn't buy it for him and all day yesterday all I heard from him was how much he really wants it.  So as soon as we ordered the pizza, he and I went across the street to the store and he got his raccoon.  Sam named him RJ.  He said he wanted it because it reminded him of the raccoons we saw in Iowa.  

Jason's pizza!

After we finished shopping in Keystone, we went to explore Custer.  
The boys enjoyed looking at all the different buffalo on the street corners.

After some more shopping, we headed back to the camper to pack up and get ready for our last leg of our trip.

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